All about LETS

LETS are revitalising communities throughout Britain. As grassroots groups they are open to everyone - people of all ages, skills and abilities; local clubs and associations; voluntary groups, charities, community initiatives; co-ops, small businesses and local services - helping everyone to give and take, connect to new resources, and find a genuine community identity.

LETS offer equal opportunities to all - whether employed or unemployed, financially secure or on low income, black or white. LETS use a system of community credits, so that direct exchanges do not have to be made. People earn LETS credits by providing a service, and can then spend the credits on whatever is offered by others on the scheme: for example childcare, transport, food, home repairs or the hire of tools and equipment.

YorkLETS was started by local activists in 1993, and is proud to have provided a robust and vibrant vehicle for local people to trade with each other continuously since then. We are part of the LETSlink UK network. For further information please download the York LETS Member Booklet - however please note that this is due for updating.

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